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Johannes Hofer

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Three founders are launching their #steasy

The story behind Steasy is a truly inspiring one that tells of the creativity and perseverance of three young founders - including myself.

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During the founders studies, we were tired of heating up our homemade lunch in the university microwave and losing valuable time. Moreover, the food no longer tasted as delicious as freshly prepared. But instead of putting up with it, we decided to find a solution. So we developed the Steasy mobile mini-steamer, which takes every lunch to a new level.

Our motto is:

Mealprep for the advanced.

Years of tinkering and countless tests of prototypes have contributed to making the Steasy as user-friendly and powerful as possible. But the result is truly worth it: an innovative product created by the tireless work of the entire team. The Steasy mini steamer is the ideal companion for anyone who doesn't want to miss out on a hot meal when they're on the go. With Steasy, pre-cooked food can be warmed up anytime and anywhere, and can also be transported leak-proof. The gentle steaming process using steam preserves the nutrients and flavour of the food in the best possible way.

The story of us as founders shows how an everyday observation can turn into a great idea that will make many people's lives much easier in the future. Steasy's success is not only the result of innovation and hard work, but also of passion and the desire to make the world a little bit better.

Claudio Ruiz, Reto Muhl and myself, Johannes Hofer are the founders of Nexenic. We originally developed Steasy to simplify the everyday life of students and employees. What began as an idea while studying at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is now being prepared for series production.

Check us out here:

Take your lunch to the next level.


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