Sophia Graupner
Sophia Graupner

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Startup Night 2023

"Startup Night 2023 in Winterthur - a knowledge-packed extravaganza that ignited innovation, connected experts, and inspired change-makers."

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The Startup Night 2023 serves as a unique gathering, uniting all keyplayers in the startup ecosystem for the purpose of networking, mutual learning, mutual gain, and a wellspring of inspiration.


In addition to 120 great start-ups and 60 workshops, there were other attractions. Jens Haarman's input on "how to customer-test if your product idea is HOT or NOT" was very exciting and certainly instructive not only for me, but also for some of the other 8,000 visitors.


Nobody had to starve either! In addition to delicious waffles, there wasplenty of popcorn. Almost a new record - over 20kg of kernels were processed into popcorn over two days.


What does the Startup Night stand for? Networking, inspiration, learning, but also fun, food, discovering new things - and definitely a lot of innovation and creativity.

Inspire yourself with the aftermovie 2022

Startup Night 2023 in Winterthur: Where knowledge met innovation, and connections turned into opportunities."


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