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The START Summit is Europe’s leading conference where innovation, talent, and entrepreneurship converge. With over 6,000 participants and 160+ speakers, it offers a platform for pioneers to share insights and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Read for a discount or even a free ticket!

START Summit: Where Startups meet Investors

START Summit, Europe’s premier annual conference is not just an event. It’s a phenomenon where innovation happens, where today’s top talents meet future creators, and where possibilities are endless.

With over 6,000 participants and more than 160 speakers, the START Summit 2023 was an unbelievable blast and 2024 will be even better. Whether you’re a student seeking opportunities, an aspiring entrepreneur ready to launch, or an investor wanting the hottest insights, START Summit delivers.

A Platform for Pioneers

The START Summit is more than a conference. It’s a platform where pioneers like Bryan Johnson, founder & CEO of Blueprint, and Tina Müller, CEO at Weleda, share their insights and experiences. It’s where Matt Clifford, Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First, and Christian Miele, General Partner at, inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The START Summit is also a launchpad for startups. With features like the Pitching competition, START Summiteer, and the START Fair, it provides a unique opportunity for startups to showcase their ideas, connect with investors, and take their ventures to the next level.

The START Summit is a hub for learning. With offerings like the Startup School and Workshops, it provides a wealth of knowledge and skills for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Be Part of the START Summit

The START Summit is where innovation happens. It’s where today’s top talents meet future creators. It’s where you want to be. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now and be part of the START Summit.

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