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The ZHAW Entrepreneurial University is a hub for students, employees, universities, corporates, SMEs, and startups. It offers a plethora of collaboration opportunities and learning experiences tailored to each group’s needs. Whether it’s practical experience for students, upskilling for employees, fostering innovation for universities and corporates, providing growth tools for SMEs, or supporting startups in their journey, the ZHAW Entrepreneurial University is a valuable resource for all.

  1. Industry Hack: Students are guided by experienced coaches and moderators for 48 hours. During this intense period, they tackle challenges posed by industry, business, and practical scenarios, moving from problem to solution within 48 hours.
  2. ZHAWentures: Provides a safe environment for ZHAW students and staff to explore entrepreneurship, whether you’re pursuing your own project, solving a challenge for your company, or joining a team. And don’t worry if you’re not affiliated with ZHAW—ZHAWentures welcomes anyone who wants to train their entrepreneurial mindset. Industry, business, and practical experience are all welcome!
  3. InnoChallenges: This program serves as a bridge between students, startups, and pioneering partners. It focuses on solving industry-specific challenges proposed by startups and students, followed by collaborative implementation with the pioneering partners.
  4. Summer Schools / Winter Schools: These specialized programs immerse students, businesses, and practitioners in entrepreneurial thinking within specific domains such as food, medical technology, and circular tech. Participants learn from each other, solve problems, and develop their own ideas over two weeks during summer or winter breaks.

These programs provide an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience, build networks, and create innovative solutions for real-world challenges. They foster entrepreneurial thinking and action, contributing to a dynamic and innovative community. All projects receive support to find follow-up solutions, whether it’s for a bachelor’s/master’s thesis, an InnoCheque, an Innosuisse project, or connections to various incubators and accelerators.

Feel free to contribute to the program, propose challenges, or share other ideas for collaboration!    



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